Non-Violence is Racist

Chapter 2 of Peter Gelderloos’ “How Non-Violence Protects the State.”

As we’re seeing one of the largest uprisings and insurrections in american history, there’s a renewed discussion around the politics of protest. As always, property defenders and capitalists are insisting that peaceful protest is the best way to make change, convincing people that by performing respectability, their demands will be heard. If we look to times of change throughout history, the fact is that non-violent protest isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Instances of change and revolution nearly never happen without some semblance of violence and destruction.

This chapter, now more than ever, is something that everyone protesting the extrajudicial murders of (specifically black) people in america.

A printable PDF of this zine can be found here.

More of Peter Gelderloos’ works can be found here.

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