Malatesta’s Anarchy

A zine of the popular pamphlet “Anarchy” written by Errico Malatesta around the turn of the 20th century.

We recently finished zine-ifying a great intro to anarchist concepts—Errico Malatesta’s Anarchy—with an introduction written by our very own Erika Neubold!

Malatesta (1853—1932) was an Italian anarchist and author who’s thoughts and philosophies have yet to become outdated. You can find more writings by Malatesta (at the anarchist library) here.

A printable PDF of this zine is located here.

By MKE Lit Supply

We are a collective of anarchists and prison abolitionists who produce and reproduce radical literature for prisoners. We table literature, stickers and other rad shit at shows around Milwaukee to support this project.

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