Power on the Inside

Power on the Inside: Why Incarcerated Lives Matter to the Black Lives Matter Movement!

This zine was written by Ben Turk, volunteer with the MKE Lit Supply, circa summer 2016, and hinges on the idea that to build a more powerful movement these two groups of oppressed resisters ought to coordinate and support each other.

A PDF of the zine can be found here.

The MKE Lit Supply recently discussed this zine with Ben, Sean Wilson (formerly incarcerated, organizer with the ACLU of Wisconsin) & Elijah Prioleau (currently incarcerated at WCI). You can listen to this discussion here, or nearly anywhere else podcasts are found!

If you’d like to comment or give us feedback, send us an email at:
MKELitSupply @ pm [dot] me

You can write to Elijah at:
Leon Elijah Prioleau
WCI — PO Box 351
Waupun, Wi 53963—0351

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