June 11th Event — Letter Writing and a Reading of Sean Swain’s “Days of Tear Gas, Blood and Vomit”

June 11th is International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason and All Long Term Anarchist Prisoners.

On June 9th, in Rose Park (MLK & Burleigh, Milwaukee), we will be hosting a letter writing event, tabling some zines and stickers, and doing a reading of Sean Swain’s “Days of Tear Gas, Blood & Vomit.”

For the letter writing, we will have everything you need—paper, pens, envelopes, and yes even stamps! If you want to throw in a few dollars for any thing you use, this will all go towards Sean Swain‘s legal fees to hire a lawyer for his upcoming parole hearing.

If you’re unable to make it, but still want to write to some people inside, you can find more information here, or in our zine which is admittedly much more condensed.

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