3 Articles on COVID in Wisconsin Prisons

Zine compiled by ABOLISHmke

In this zine, we share 3 articles written by ABOLISHmke on Covid in Wisconsin Prisons:

COVID Spreader Shakedown at Racine CI

Stimulus Obstruction in Wisconsin Prisons

Sarah Cooper’s COVID Spreader Shakedowns

ABOLISHmke is an uncompromising abolitionist project started by a few of the founding members of the MKE Lit Supply, with the express intention of sharing news and information through an explicitly abolitionist lens. In their own words:

Milwaukee, WI has some of the highest incarceration rates and worst segregation in the world. Police and prison agents trap Black, Brown, Indigenous, and poor white people and take them to prisons up north where they are tortured and abused to death. This city has been marked the worst place for Black children to grow up. The same white man has been mayor for sixteen years just ‘cuz he once got hit with a pipe. Regardless of what the t-shirts at the airport say, Milwaukee has not been “the good land” since white people came and took it from Algonquian people who named it such. ABOLISHmke is for readers and writers committed to grappling with this city’s darkness and kicking it until it bleeds light.

ABOLISHmke is always ready to work with or publish the work of new collaborators—if this is something you’re interested in, you can find out more here.

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