dear amerika by Tommie Carter

Zine Cover

“These fake ass corrupted politicians promise a lot of things that touch a chord
with people: ending choke holds and “no knock” warrants; eliminating
“qualified immunity” for cops and racial profiling; demilitarizing the police. But
what is the reality?”

ABOLISHmke collaborator Tommie L. Carter wrote this article, which we have made into a zine. His writing challenges the possibilities of reform and the lies of our politicians who pay our ideas lip service while continuing to militarize the police and allow them to brutalize us in the streets.

A printable PDF is available here.

You can write to Tommie at:

Tommie L. Carter #389297
Green Bay CI
P.O. Box 19033
Green Bay, WI 54307-9033

If you’re not experienced with writing to prisoners, here are some tips.

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