The Milwaukee Literature Supply is a collective of anarchists and prison abolitionists that distributes radical materials at events and sends zines to prisoners inside.

On this site, you can download some of our zines and read essays written by friends of MLS.

Check out our catalog here.

If know someone who is incarcerated and you think they’d be interested in any of our stuff, feel free to print a copy and send it their way. All you’ve gotta do is fold it, address it to them (on the page with our return address), tape the sides, throw a stamp on it and drop it in the mail!

Do you have a zine you’d like to share, or an essay you’d like published here? Send it our way!

You can also follow us on Instagram, support us on Patreon.

We started a zine discussion podcast! Find our latest episode here.

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Milwaukee, WI 53211