A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing: Fighting Snitch Houses

This zine collects five articles originally written and published by ABOLISHmke — Blocking Snitch House Legislation, followed by the Snitch House Series: Background, Snitch Houses Reduce Public Safety, Snitch Houses Displace Residents to Benefit Landlords, Snitch Houses Take from Communities to Expand the Role of Police. An imposed PDF of this collection can be found…More

3 Articles on COVID in Wisconsin Prisons

This zine is compiled from articles written by ABOLISHmke, an uncompromising abolitionist project writing with the express intention of sharing news and information through an explicitly abolitionist lens.More

Snitch House Democrats

With legislation passing unanimously in the Wisconsin state senate, we thought it would be a good time to do a deep dive into what exactly snitch houses are (also known as COP houses). Here we’ve compiled two articles originally published by ABOLISHmke. The first article, Snitch House Democrats, gives some background into what snitch houses…More

Prison Hurts All of Wisconsin

“Despite many cultural differences, Wisconsin’s prison system has a similar negative impact on people in both under-resourced rural communities and Milwaukee’s northside. Those who have been cut out of the jobs economy, who’ve been marginalized and neglected by political elites, business owners, and corporations, are more likely to struggle with addiction, despair, and violence. We…More

Power on the Inside

This zine was written by Ben Turk, volunteer with the MKE Lit Supply, circa summer 2016, and hinges on the idea that to build a more powerful movement these two groups of oppressed resisters ought to coordinate and support each other.More

The Word for World is Forest

We are making this freely available to anyone who wants to get more familiar with Ursula’s work, or to anyone who just needs another reason to hate the Ewoks.More