Prison Hurts All of Wisconsin

“Despite many cultural differences, Wisconsin’s prison system has a similar negative impact on people in both under-resourced rural communities and Milwaukee’s northside. Those who have been cut out of the jobs economy, who’ve been marginalized and neglected by political elites, business owners, and corporations, are more likely to struggle with addiction, despair, and violence. We…More

Power on the Inside

This zine was written by Ben Turk, volunteer with the MKE Lit Supply, circa summer 2016, and hinges on the idea that to build a more powerful movement these two groups of oppressed resisters ought to coordinate and support each other.More

The Word for World is Forest

We are making this freely available to anyone who wants to get more familiar with Ursula’s work, or to anyone who just needs another reason to hate the Ewoks.More

Anarchy Works: Human Nature

Chapter 1 (“Human Nature”) of Peter Gelderloos’ Anarchy Works, critiques of traditional myths on selfishness and greed, hatred and tribalism.More

Trial Statement of Kuwasi Balagoon

This zine is the trial statement of Kuwasi Balagoon, with an introduction by way of a eulogy written for him by his comrade Judy Clark, as well as two of his poems.More

Malatesta’s Anarchy

A zine of the popular pamphlet “Anarchy” written by Errico Malatesta around the turn of the 20th century.More