order the following numbers from least to greatest5.13, 5.123, 5.3, 5.31

Accepted Solution

Answer:5.123, 5.13, 5.3, 5.31Step-by-step explanation:So we tell how big a number is by starting before the decimal and moving to the right towards the direction of the decimal. So we first see that they all are 5, so we go and look at the next one, which is the tenths. We can see that two of them are 1 tenths and the other two are 3 tenths. Using that we can tell that the two which are 3 tenths are bigger so put them aside. Look at the two which are 1 tenths. Go to the next place value, which is the hundredths place. We can see that 5.123 has 2 in the hundreths place and 5.13 has a 3 in the hundredths place, therefore, 5.123 is the smallest followed by 5.13.Repeat this for the other two to get 5.3 being the 3 smallest and finally 5.31 as the biggest.