PLZ PLZ PLZ DO EVERYTHING ON THIS QUESTION MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT (20pts)1.) Ling wants to determine the average distance she travels each day in her car. She records the odometer reading each morning for a week.image 1What is the mean distance Ling travels each day? Show your work.2.) The data in the table represent the training times (in seconds) for Adam and Miguel.image 2(a) All of the training times of which person had the greatest spread? Explain how you know.(b) The middle 50% of the training times of which person had the least spread? Explain how you know. (c) What do the answers to Parts 2(a) and 2(b) tell you about Adam’s and Miguel’s training times?

Accepted Solution

Answer:1. 10724.28571432.(a) Miguel(b) I don't knowStep-by-step explanation:1. 10150 + 10211 + 10424 + 10769 + 10884 + 11155 + 11477 = 7507075070/7 = 10724.28571432a. ADAM: Least no. of seconds - 91ADAM: Greatest no. of seconds - 106106 - 91 = 15MIGUEL: Least no. of seconds - 85MIGUEL: Greatest no. of seconds - 105105 - 85 = 2020>15